The Background

Designing technically ambitious solutions in EMS-business represents Lacon. Additional electronic that needed to fit into a compact drilling system made specific demands for the board. The solution could only be represented with the help of a rigid-flexboard.


Very fine board structures, smallest drillings and a thickness of only 0,35 mm in the rigid area had finally been the promising result of meticulous development work. However this appeared to be an acute problem for most board manufacturers. Once having a thought through solution we wanted to stick to it and to the advantages that came with it. We were not ready to give up.

The Solution

Tipical Rigid-Flex Stack up


“On the search for an appropriate partner we have amongst others discussed this challenge with the company Fineline Germany. Their technical engineers were able to offer a highly flexible board that fulfilled the demands of the whole concept and made the final product extremely efficient and robust. Again Fineline has proofed to be a reliable production partner. Thanks a lot!”

Alexander Ostermeier

Business Development Manager Lacon Electronic GmbH in Karlsfeld, Germany

manager picture