We’re completely hands on and dedicated to provide end-to-end PCB solutions thorough strong partnership, great technical capabilities and years of experience

Mr. Dirk Wolter

Fineline Germany, CEO

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Since 1991 our core competence has been the delivery of bare printed circuit-boards. Throughout the years, we have become global technology experts in this area, serving all types of industries, including the most meticulous and performance-sensitive ones such as the aerospace, automotive, military and medical equipment producers.

Global Experts
Fineline China office staff

Manufacturers management

Our clients benefit from our close partnerships with a wide range of leading manufacturers and the flexibility to scale up volume and complexity through the product life-cycle. From single sided and up to 64 layers, varying copper thickness, exotic raw materials use and complex laser drilling, our product portfolio and capabilities is comprehensive and runs deep.

Our technology experts

Our technological know-how stems from many years of delivering PCBs and the constant updating and knowledge nurturing of our technology leaders. This knowledge is brought to use in pre-production phases, in improving production lines and audits, and in the rigorous QA check that all PCBs undergo. Our senior team readily offers all existing and new clients hands-on experience, to solve any technological issue, and to improve production efficiency.

Technology Experts