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When you collaborate with Fineline, you enjoy and benefit from the power of an established group that supports you with all the necessary life cycle aspects of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production along with added value services. With the PCB design and lab testing services, Fineline provides you with a fully professional end-to-end package.

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Fineline offers you a dedicated team of PCB design experts savvy in PCB design software packages and well-versed with EMC and signal integrity issues.

Thanks to their deeply rooted knowledge in production processes, design requirements for optimal manufacturing and easy assembly, the Fineline PCB designers are able to guarantee product results that are no less than excellent.

Flexibility is a core value at Fineline. Our teams modify and adjust to meet needs, work methods, and conditions. Some of our design experts are based in customer offices, working side by side with customers’ product development teams to design the best tailor-made PCB.

Fineline’s PCB designers have access to extensive component libraries including thousands of footprints in compliance with IPC-7351 Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Design. This is in addition to their familiarity with the latest PCB manufacturing and production techniques, which allows them to recommend the best way of action in each case, ensure the fastest design process, minimize room for error, and deliver the best results in practice.

PCB lab

PCB lab

Fineline has a fully-equipped lab located in Helmond, The Netherlands. The lab is designed for testing PCBs supplied either by the company or by another source.

The lab audits projects for quality issues, performs temperature, cross section and other tests, investigates ROHS issues, analyzes both wave and reflow solder profiles, and more.

Our lab analysis is performed in accordance with the applicable IPC standards or according to customer specifications. Test standards in use include IPC TM650 test methods, IPC A-600 class 2, IPC A-600 class 3, and more. We are ISO9001:2015 certified and a member of IPC. In addition, we use a wide network of partners that are able to perform specific tests and analyses as needed, expending our capabilities even more.