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Mrs. Silvia Piazzalunga

Fineline Italy, Co-CEO

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Our engineering team offers expert consulting and assistance during the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) stages, including:

  • Verifying all production parameters in a DFM system
  • Review of all layers (internal, silk, solder, drilling holes, and additional processes)
  • Preparation of production documentation

Our engineering team is available to answer any queries raised by your team and by the manufacturers. Acting as a bridge between all parties, they liaise with as necessary and authorize production.

We use the latest CAD tools to ensure all designs perform to expectations, and provide:

  • Panelization design
  • Controlled impedance calculations
  • Advice regarding various types of surface finishes
  • Advice on choosing the optimal laminates and raw material
  • Stack up design
Fineline QA manager examines a PCB
Customer Support And Success

Customer Support And Success

We owe our continued growth to our long-term relationships and to our commitment to customer success. Hundreds of clients with more than 10 years of partnership with us stand as the best testament to our quality products and service.

We care for each client individually and contact them in their native or preferred language when we can. We attach a set of specific guidelines to each customer’s production file to ensure aspects throughout production follow the predetermined criteria and specifications. We submit optimal solutions from the most suitable producers based on technology, quantity, cost, and delivery.

quote leftReadiness to adapt to new challenges and appropriate experience with cross-national transactions displays the profound relationship of Asteelflash and Fineline over years of working together!quote right

On-time Expert logistics

Your logistics requests are being answered by a wide variety of delivery options from among FCA, FOB, CIF, and DDA/DDP. Our professional logistics team ensures that products reach their final destination on schedule. With warehouses both in the Far East and in Europe we deliver boards from local inventory directly to customers’ locations. We also offer storage services, procurement solutions such as delivery on demand and consignment stock.

Fineline warehouse

Added value services

When you collaborate with Fineline, you enjoy and benefit from the power of an established group that supports you with all the necessary life cycle aspects of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) production along with added value services. With the PCB design and lab testing services, Fineline provides you with a fully professional end-to-end package.

Our Added value services