We’re committed to our partnerships. When you work with us, you can expect meticulous quality control and professionalism.

Mr. Dirk Wolter

Fineline Germany, CEO

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First-rate PCB quality control starts on the drawing board and ends with your full satisfaction. We perform each step, from start to end, with the highest quality of work, and strive for 100% success, not less.

Circuit board

From the design board to the
production floor

Since 1991 our sole and only trade has been the competent delivery of bare printed circuit-boards. We have become global technology experts in this area, serving all types of industries, including the most meticulous and performance-sensitive ones such as the aerospace, automotive, military and medical equipment producers.

Design to ProductionDesign to Production
Quality assurance

Quality assurance

  • Quality assurance experts who specialize solely in circuit boards production floor supervision and control.
  • Strict audits of manufacturing on a periodic basis. We revise the guidelines for production as often as needed, instructing manufacturers where and how to take extra safety and precaution measures.
  • Proactive alerts for issues observed on the production floor, both online and beforehand.
  • Production process ends with a careful review of the end-product, packaging and delivery settings, followed by an additional review of delivery as it reaches its target destination. Special requirements from the customer are checked according to a SOW.

QA measures:

  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
  • Visual inspection
  • Electrical circuit test - (manual or automatic)
  • Sample Size Method FQC/FQA
  • Test coupon - provided by manufacturer
  • Review of supplier documentation
  • Packaging check - with test certificates (OoBA Process)

Product Warranty

We established long-term partnerships with our customers thanks to our ability to guarantee a full warranty for our products. In the case of a less than flawless product, our in-house teams and our lab identify the reason for the flaw, revise and make the necessary modifications to ensure full satisfaction, as well as making sure to resolve any such issues in the future.

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Product Warranty


Our manufacturing partners work in accordance with the following standards:

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  • IPC logo designers council advanced designer (CID+)
  • IPC logo IPC -A-600 Training center
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  • Certified ISO 9001-2008  A La Calidad logo
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  • Certified ISO 13485 Medical Devices Quality Managment logo
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