The use of flexible PCBs is growing in the electronic industry as devices get smaller, and less standard shapes are used in product design. Where light weight and limited space is a major consideration flexible PCBs usually become the best solution. The thin and lightweight flexible circuit boards are the ideal choice when you are looking for wiring capability in spaces where the traditional rigid boards can’t fit, making them ideal for compact devices such as smart wearable’s, mobile phones and cameras. Flexible circuit boards also have better resistance to high temperatures, shock and vibrations.

Flex circuits can vary between 1-8 layers, however designs with more than 3-layers will have limited bend capabilities due to their thickness. All constructions can utilize both plated through holes (PTH) and surface mount technology (SMT) components. Stiffeners are commonly either Polyimide or FR4, depending upon the application. Stainless steel and aluminum stiffeners can also be used for special applications.